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The Author: Carolyn Schur

Schur8-237-031Carolyn Schur is a consultant with a specialty in sleep and fatigue management. She works with companies that want to reduce health costs and safety risks associated with shift work, fatigue and sleep disorders.

Carolyn is, however, first and foremost, a night owl and knows firsthand the trials and tribulations associated with being a night owl in an early bird world.

Years of research and interviews with ‘night owls’ culminated in 1994 with the publication of her ground breaking book, Birds of a Different Feather. She is now known throughout the world for her expertise on this subject and is the go-to person for media. She has been quoted in other books, provided countless media interviews and commentary and has made many presentations on the subject of night owls. 

Carolyn continues to promote greater awareness of the workplace and relationship issues related to night owl behavior.

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