We are available for media interviews on the following topics:

  • Sleep and Sleep Deprivation
  • Effects of sleep deprivation on health and safety
  • Circadian rhythym sleep disorders (shift work sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder)
  • Night owl behavior and its implications for work, relationships, and parenting
  • Alertness strategies
  • Fatigue and driving or working
  • Shift work – its effects and how to cope with it

Requests for interviews should be directed to:

Carolyn Schur, President, Alert@Work Human Resource Services

Toll-free: 1-866-975-1165 or email

Special features on sleep and fatigue are appropriate for:

National Sleep Awareness Week (week prior to start of Daylight Saving Time)

National Occupational Health and Safety Week (May)

Healthy Workplace Month (October)

Permission to reprint articles or excerpts from our publications: forward details to email as above.

Magazine Articles Carolyn Schur has either written or been quoted in:

Managing Shiftworker Health and Safety

Work Strategies for Night Owls and Early Birds

The Crow of The Early Bird

Late risers lobbying for workplace recognition

Published in:

Quoted in:

  • Canadian Occupational Safety, January 1998
  • Canadian HR Reporter, January 11, 1999
  • Successful Meetings, May 1999
  • Saskatchewan Business, March/April 2000
  • Canadian Living, May 2000
  • Chatelaine, June 2001
  • CP Press and newspapers August 3, 2002

Interviewed by:

  • CBC Radio, Saskatchewan, Dec. 2008
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation. series in 2002
  • CKNW, Vancouver, July 2002

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